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Do Good and Save the Planet By Drinking Tea???

Looking for a simple and significant way to Do Good?  Change the tea your drink!  It's a small, but powerful step in the right direction...

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You Scream, I Scream, We All Scream for Baobab Ice Cream!

Summer is coming.  Of course you want ice cream in the summer, but what you really want is Baobab Ice Cream!  And Baobab Smoothies.  All explained in this tasty post...

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Smile, Amazon and The Easiest Way to Do Good!

Amazon Smile

Can you give to charity by just doing your normal shopping on Amazon?  Yes, yes you can!  Learn all about Amazon Smile - a simple way to Do Good...

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Forget Cute Cat Photos, Check Out These Baobab Tree Shots

Baobab trees are the new cats of the internet!  Confused?  Click over to the full article and learn all about the Baobab tree...and how it connects to cats :)


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Why are 2,000 Year Old Baobab Trees Suddenly Dying Off?

A new study has found that ancient, 2,000 year old Baobab trees are suddenly dying off?  What is going on?  What is causing the problem?  Let's jump in and find out...

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The World Will Be A Better Place If You Read This...

I know this sounds like a click-bait headline, but it is true.  Please read this incredible resource from the New York Times on how to make the world a better is easier than you think!

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Watch People See and Try Baobab Fruit For The First Time

What happens when people see and try the Baobab fruit pulp for the first time?  Check out this video...

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