November 14, 2013

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Play Video Games To Do Good?

Let's be honest, in order to be motivated to Do Good and help out, we first need to understand that there is a situation that needs helping.  Now, I'm not talking about logically understanding that there is a problem, I'm talking about emotionally understanding the reality of the problem.  For example, we all understand that people who suffer through depression are in a bad place, but do we really know what it is like to be depressed?  What if we could play a video game that simulates the issues of being depressed, so we would emotionally start to understand the problem and then could figure out the best ways to Do Good and help out...

5 Video Games Unlike Anything You Have Ever Played Before

It turns out there is such a video game, it is called Depression Quest.  It is a simple game where you need to make choices, but all the good choices are scratched out.  Playing the game you start to understand how hard it can be for people dealing with depression and you actually start to feel their pain.  Once you have this emotional connection, you are much more inspired to find ways to help out and Do Good when it comes to helping people who suffer from depression.

Salon has a great roundup of 4 other video games that will broaden your perspective on life.  We all know about certain problems, like prison over crowding, but it is not until you play a game like Prison Architect, where you need to run a for profit prison, do you start to understand some of the bizarre forces at play.  

Take a few minutes out of your day, read the Salon piece and then play some video games.  Who knew playing video games could lead to such Good?


Dan Nessel
Dan Nessel