December 12, 2013

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Valley Gives Day Shows The Good That is Possible When We Work Together

Valley Gives Day is today 12/12/13!  If you live outside of the Pioneer Valley region in Western Massachusetts there is a good chance you have no idea what Valley Gives Day is, but that is what makes it so special.  Let's start at the beginning...

Valley Gives Day - 24 Hours of Giving For Good

Valley Gives is a 24 hour e-philanthropy event to encourage residents in Hampden, Hampshire and Franklin counties of Massachusetts to log on and contribute to their favorite local nonprofit organizations through – a centralized web-enabled and mobile giving platform.

In reading that you might think, that it sounds like a nice little local event which could maybe raise a few thousand dollars.  Incredibly, the first Valley Gives Day, that took place in 2012, raised over $1 million for local non-profits.  The goal for 2013 is to raise over $2 million for 350 different local non-profits.  All of this in 24 hours.  Pretty incredible the good we can do, on a local level, when we all work together.

Make It A Game And Watch The Donations Soar

Go ahead and take a look at the Valley Gives Day site today.  You have a countdown clock, a running total of donations, leader boards, golden tickets, prizes... it has an incredible fun and active game feel to it.  You could give $10, win a Golden Ticket for your charity and have your donation turned instantly into $1,200.  It is like playing a game, you want to donate, because you may win more money for your charity.  You want to keep playing the game...which means you want to keep donating.  This is a great example of something we talk about frequently at Limitless Good, giving and Doing Good doesn't have to be boring - it can and should be fun! 

You Don't Have To Be Local To Get Into The Giving Game

Obviously Valley Gives Day will have the most appeal to people who live in the Pioneer Valley, but anyone can get involved.  Visit the site, search for a charity you believe in and make a donation.  We are huge fans of the Cancer Connection - they do incredible work for families that have been affected by cancer.  We also feel the Hampshire Regional YMCA does incredible Good for the community and could use your support.  Of course, the cool thing about Valley Gives Day is that you visit one site and can make a donation to anyone of the 350 charities and non-profits that are participating.

Join The Fun, Give on 12/12 - You Will Feel Good!


Dan Nessel
Dan Nessel