December 20, 2013

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Can Stress Kill You? Not If You Cuddle Enough...

What a paradox the holiday season is.  On one end there is the joy and comfort that comes from being with family and friends.  On the other end is the incredible stress that comes from...well, everything connected to the holidays!  So, it seemed like the right time to address the question...

Can Stress Kill You?

A nice cheery question for Friday, right?  Don't worry, this is Limitless Good and we always look for the Good in any situation and in this case that good comes from cuddling.  Watch this awesome video from ASAPScience and it will all make sense -

The Key To Feeling Good - Cuddling!

We always see the glass half full, so sure there were some bad things connected with being stressed but the Good we take from it is that we all have the perfect excuse to cuddle more now!  If you want to Feel Good, you need to cuddle more.  That has to be true, since some cartoon character in a video said it.  

Sorry Stranger, I Just Needed Some Oxytocin

That is all you need to say when you start cuddling with a stranger at the mall.  Holiday shopping stressing you out? Just take a quick cuddle break, which produces the stress protective hormone - Oxytocin, or as it is called the Cuddle Hormone.

Then again, being arrested for cuddling with a stranger at the mall will probably cause more stress than the Oxytocin can buffer, so maybe we should stick to cuddling with Friends and Family to Feel Good this holiday season!


Dan Nessel
Dan Nessel