December 26, 2013

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Spin For Good, You Spin, Your Charity Wins

Spin For Good is a fun new site where you play social games, try to climb the leaderboard and win money.  Not feeling the Good yet?  Well, you don't keep the money you win, you are playing and winning for a charity.  

Spin For Good, Because Gambling For Good Was Probably Too Edgy

Spin For Good is a perfectly fine name, but doesn't Gambling For Good just roll off the tongue? Fine, there are about 30 reasons why Gambling For Good would be a troublesome name...but it sure is catchy.  In any case, the concept is simple, yet effective.  


People like to play games online.  People like to have fun.  Folks sure are addicted to climbing leaderboards and earning bragging rights.  Spin For Good takes all of this and puts a charitable twist on it.  You can start with a $5 donation to a charity, but then by playing, winning and some luck - that $5 donation can become a $500 donation.

Which Facebook Update Is Cooler?

Let's be honest, this type of Facebook Update is pretty pathetic...

"Spent 8 hours playing Pig Palace, Now I Am King of The Sty"  

On the other hand, this update commands some respect...

"Parlayed My $5 Donation into $500 By Using My Mad Slot Skills at Spin For Good"

Give It A Try, It Is Free and The Charity Never Loses

In Vegas, the house always wins, but at Spin For Good, the charity always wins.  Whatever donation you make via Spin For Good is guaranteed for the charity.  If you make a $5 donation, they will get the $5 no matter how poor your game skills are.  The upside is that if you have Lady Luck on your side, you may just become Rainman for Social Good!

More Information:

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Dan Nessel
Dan Nessel