January 03, 2014

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*WHAT* do you call that?

Pahk the cah in Hahvahd yahd. Yes, we've all heard of, and made fun of, different accents, whether they are from the South, New York, California or Boston. In fact, there are plenty of online sites that will quiz you on how you say the word "aunt" and let you know what part of the the U.S. you hail from (or should hail from). 

Enter the New Yorker magazine.

They have created their own quiz. But while others take themselves fairly seriously, the New Yorker rapidly turns to clever humor once you are past the first couple of choices on the quiz. Do yourself a favor and have a laugh today!

What Do Y'All, Yinz, and Yiz Call Stretchy Office Supplies?

Noelle Boc
Noelle Boc