March 24, 2016

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Dogs Do Good and Our Heroes Get Better!

The phrase "win-win" is thrown around a lot, but I think we just found the story that should absolutely define the term.

According to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, over 20 percent of post-9/11 war veterans – 500,000 men and women – suffer from PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder), with symptoms ranging from traumatic flashbacks and memory problems, to hopelessness, self-destructive behavior and thoughts of suicide.

The situation with PTSD is so bad that nearly 22 veterans A DAY commit suicide. 

Clearly not on the same level of horror of our American Heroes taking their own lives, but we also have a dire situation in the pet world.  Each day thousands of shelter pets are put down because suitable homes for the pets could not be found.

K9s For Warriors Has Created The Ultimate Win-Win

Enter a non-profit organization, K9s for Warriors, with the ultimate Win-Win.  The incredible folks at K9s for Warriors train shelter dogs to be service dogs for the American Warriors who are suffering from PTSD.  They then match up dogs with Warriors and provide training.

What is the result?  A 100% reduction in suicides and 66% reduction in medications necessary.

Hop Over to Dad Does And Read The Whole Incredible Story

You ready to Feel Good?  Head over to Dad Does and read the whole incredible story on K9s For Warriors an Operation K9 Cares.  This organization is literally providing a new leash on life!


Dan Nessel
Dan Nessel