January 10, 2014

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Eat McDonald's, Get Healthier! What??

Wait, what? You may, by now, have heard the story of a science teacher who ate nothing but McDonald's for three months and actually lost weight (37 pounds!) and lowered his cholesterol. What people have been taking away from this is that McDonald's food must not be all that bad for you. SuperSize Me was wrong! However, that's not the REAL story. Watch SourceFed's short video for the REAL story:


See, the truth is that you can eat what you want…in moderation. Your life CAN be healthier if you just do some walking every day and choose to eat via the dietary recommendations of caloric intake. This teacher not only did an experiment that made him Feel Good, he also is trying to Do Good by spreading the word of how making the right choices can be powerful.

No, we're never going to recommend that you eat an all McDonald's diet. In fact, instead, we recommend you start taking some baobab powder to up your antioxidants! But the real story is that you CAN choose to become healthier with just a few guidelines. 

Thanks to SourceFed!

Noelle Boc
Noelle Boc