May 02, 2016

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Baobab Doesn't Just Make You Feel Good, It Makes The Planet Feel Good!

We talk a lot about the health benefits of the Baobab Fruit and how our Limitless Baobab Powder can help you Feel Good.  What you might not know is that the Baobab Fruit can also help the planet Feel Good.

Can Superfoods Boost The Planet's Health?

Take a look at this excellent piece in Ensia today.  Demand for crops like Baobab and Moringa are creating a system that helps protect the environment -

"With baobab and moringa, though, some researchers say that growing global demand is gaining farmers a reliable market for crops they were often unable to sell before — and also helping the environment. These trees have a long history in the diets of many cultures, but they have grown in the wild and not been viewed as a crop for trade, giving farmers little incentive to grow them. Now, farmers are planting the trees."


Baobab is Helping Small, Women Run Cooperatives

We love the fact that the Baobab we purchase from Malawi is helping women run cooperatives.  Increased demand for Baobab creates a system when there is a financial incentive to plant more Baobab trees and protect the ones in existence.  This of course is a win for the planet...and all of us who enjoy a nice Baobab Smoothie :)

"As the market for baobab has grown, PhytoTrade has seen producers — the vast majority of whom are small-scale women farmers — setting up tree nurseries and monitoring trees in local forests in Malawi, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and South Africa. The growing market also creates incentive for programs like the South Africa–based Baobab Guardians, in which rural women plant and care for baobab seedlings and are then paid for trees that survive past the seedling stage."

With Baobab, Feel Good and Do Good For the Planet

It really will be interesting to see the long term results of increased demand for crops like Baobab and Moringa.  Indications are it will be a positive for people and the planet, but there are still some pitfalls we need to watch out for.

Head over to Ensia and read the full article and tell us what you think.

Dan Nessel
Dan Nessel