February 13, 2014

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Where Can I Buy Baobab Fruit?

You know, sometimes we are so deep into the forest, we can't see the trees!  We have spent so much time talking about the nutrients in the baobab fruit, the health benefits of the Baobab and the whole Doing Good angle to including Baobab in your diet - we may have forgot a basic question...

Where Can I Buy Baobab Fruit?

So, the other day we had a few people email us this question and when I went back to review our articles on Baobab, I see we never really talk about where to buy the fresh, whole Baobab Fruit.  So, let's quickly correct that now for our readers in the United States...

Question - Where Can I Buy Baobab Fruit?

Answer - Nowhere!

Okay, Maybe Nowhere Is a Little Strong

While the Baobab Fruit grows in great quantities in Africa, very little, whole, fresh Baobab fruit is exported for resale in supermarkets.  So, while you will find many fruits in your fruit market, if you are in the USA, it is highly unlikely your market will carry the Baobab Fruit in a whole form.  

As we discussed in this article about Baobab Fruit being listed as a Superfruit in 2014 and this article about Baobab Fruit gaining Orphan status and being heavily researched, there is a great deal happening with the Baobab Fruit in 2014.  It is possible as the popularity of Baobab  Fruit increases, we will start to see more fresh Baobab make its way to the States.

Eating Fresh Baobab Can Be A Bit of A Pain

We clearly love the Baobab Fruit, but eating fresh Baobab is a bit of a pain.  First you need to crack the hard, coconut like shell.

 Once you do get it open, you would then need to pull out all the seeds before you can get to the Baobab Pulp that you want to eat.  Totally doable and obviously is done in Africa, but there is a lot to be said for the convenience of having Organic, Raw Baobab Fruit in powder form.

Check Out Perfect Baobab 

While fresh Baobab fruit is hard to find, the 100% Organic, Raw Perfect Baobab is very easy to find.  In fact, by clicking these words right here, you are magically taken to a page where you can buy the Baobab Fruit powder.  Pretty incredible, huh?

We get it, it seems wrong to buy a healthy delicious fruit - that comes as powder in a jar!  What makes Perfect Baobab special is that absolutely no heat is used to process it - it is totally Raw.  The Baobab fruit pulp naturally dehydrates in the shell and then the seeds are removed  and the pulp ground into a powder. 

Dan Nessel
Dan Nessel