March 07, 2014

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Feel Good By Eating Nothing But Ice Cream?

This one clearly sounds too bizarre to be true.  Can you really Feel Good and shed pounds by eating nothing but ice cream morning, noon and night?  Yes, yes you can...sort of, maybe, it depends...

The Ice Cream Cleanse Has Arrived

In the world of health and Feeling Good, cleanses and detox diets have been all the rage for a while.  These normally consist of just eating things like raw wheat grass, all day, everyday.  Clearly not something that is easy or has mainstream appeal.  On the other hand, the new Kippy's Ice Cream Cleanse sounds like a dream.

Kippy's is an Ice Cream place in Venice, CA.  You do need to understand the ice cream they serve is not the dairy filled ice cream you are thinking of...

"Kippy's, let the record state, is not your traditional ice cream. It's entirely raw, organic, and coconut-based. Every week, Kippy's brings up roughly 1,000 mature, organic coconuts from Mexico, tastes each one to make sure there hasn't been any fermentation, and then cold-presses them to make a rich coconut cream. The cream is then sweetened with honey, and other raw, natural flavors (orange, vanilla, etc.) are added, and voila! A delicious frozen dessert that technically is frozen cream—so, yeah, it's ice cream. It's just non-dairy ice cream."

-Gizmodo 3/5/14, I Did The World's First Ice Cream Cleanse: Yes, Really 

The Gizmodo writer and his girlfriend decided to try the Kippy's Ice Cream Cleanse - which was basically eating 1 pint of ice cream, 5 times a day, for 4 days.

Did It Work, Were They Cleansed...Did They Feel Good?

Yes and no.  They did lose some weight, but then quickly gained it back.  They did get to eat 820% of the RDA for Saturated Fat each day and lived to write about it - so that is something!  

Hop over to the Gizmodo article and see the full results of the Ice Cream Cleanse, it really is an interesting read. 

Dan Nessel
Dan Nessel