March 27, 2014

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For Women In Africa, Turning Baobab Fruit Into Baobab Powder Is Making A Positive Change

Here at Limitless Good we have talked a great deal about the health benefits of the Baobab Fruit.  We clearly believe that eating the highly nutritious Baobab Fruit can help you Feel Good!  It is for this reason we made our Limitless Baobab Powder, to provide more people greater access to the nutrients found in the Baobab Fruit from Africa.

An equally important part of our Mission Plan at Limitless Good is to Do Good.  It is for this reason that with every bottle of Limitless Baobab sold, we make a donation to Feeding America so they can provide 8 meals for people in need.  We also provide money back to our awesome customers with our $200 To Do Good In Your Neighborhood Program.

The Doing Good With Baobab Starts Long Before Our Product

What you might not realize is the Doing Good story with Baobab starts long before your purchase of a bottle.  There is a great story on the US Agency for International Development (USAID) website that explains how women in Senegal have been increasing profits by powdering fruits.  

Women such as Kadiatou Ndao have spent years harvesting and selling African fruits like Baobab and Jujube.  Before receiving training, she would sell the whole Baobab Fruit and Jujube at very low prices.  For example, she would get about 10 cents for one Kilo of Jujube fruit at local markets in Dakar.  She had the same problem with the Baobab fruit, it was heavy to bring to the market and people would pay very little for the whole fruit.

After receiving training from USAID, Kadiatou learned that powdering the fruits could add significant value.  Busy shoppers in Dakar wanted the fruits in a more convenient form.  Once she turned the Jujube fruit into a powder that could be used to make a cake, she ended up making $7.50 a Kilo instead of 10 cents a Kilo for the raw fruit.  She found the same huge jump in profits once she started to powder the Baobab and use it in juices.

 Once Kadiatou and other women in her Cooperative started to powder the Jujube and Baobab, their profits quadrupled. Kadiatou was able to make enough money to send four children to school and pay for their supplies.  That is Doing Good on a very local level!

Good Must Happen On All Levels

This story illustrates why we love the Baobab Fruit.  We firmly believe that for a product to be considered a "Do Good" product, it has to Do Good for everyone who touches it.  From the local people who harvest the fruit to the end user who eats it, there needs to be Good for everyone.  Clearly, the Baobab fruit is living up to the standard of a Superfruit that does Super Good!


More Information:

Read the Full Story on Kadiatou Ndao on the USAID website.

Dan Nessel
Dan Nessel