April 04, 2014

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I'm Going Back To School To Do Good - Join Me!

Let's be honest for a second, the Internet can be depressing.  Here you have this amazing network, connecting people from all over the world and letting us do amazing things...work together and change the world!  Yet at times it seems like the only thing people really want to do is share cat videos and play Angry Birds.  

What happened to the idea of the internet allowing us to all take courses online, become better educated and make the world a better place?  It turns out that idea is alive and well and happening right now!

Join Giving With Purpose Right Now!

As I write this on 4/4/14 - I am back in school and learning incredible things about Doing Good and charitable giving.  The Giving With Purpose online class from edX is going on now and it is incredible.  Here check out this brief video (sorry no cats in it) -


Limitless Good Will Pay 100% of Your Tuition

That's right, we will pay 100% of your tuition if you take this class.  No limits on this - if 1 million people want to take the class, we will pay 1 Million tuition fees.  Pretty incredible of us, no?  No.  You see the class is absolutely free.  It costs you nothing, it can be done at your schedule, from your home.  Really, what excuse is left not to take this class?

Did We Mention You Can Help Giveaway $100,000

Have a Nonprofit in your community that could use some extra cash?  Nominate them for a grant via the the class.  I know this is hard to believe, but the class will decide how to giveaway $100K to charitable organizations.

Let's Review This Doing Good Opportunity

Since I am now in organized school mode, let's recap this Doing Good Opportunity

  • Learn About Charitable Giving From Top Professors and Philanthropists
  • Receive All Coursework Electronically
  • No Travel Needed, Do The Course From Home
  • Absolutely No Cost to Take The Course
  • You May Nominate an Organization To Receive a Grant
  • Decide With Your Classmates Who Gets $100,000 in Grant Money
  • Access To Teachers to Ask Questions
  • Discussion Groups to Connect With Other Students

Come on, how can you not do this?  Sharpen your virtual pencil, get your virtual apple ready for the teacher and join me in the Giving With Purpose Class!


More Information:

Learn More and Join the Giving With Purpose Class

Dan Nessel
Dan Nessel