April 29, 2014

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Farmigo Puts A Farmers' Market Within Your Reach And That Is A GOOD Thing!

My guess is that many of the health conscious readers here at Limitless Good love the idea of a Farmers' Market.  The idea of Community Supported Agriculture programs (CSAs) makes great sense on many levels.  Consumers get access to fresh, local, nutrient rich foods and that will have you Feeling Good.  Then there is also the Do Good aspect of helping to support local farmers and building a strong community.  

The reason why more people don't shop at a Farmers' Market is often because there is no Farmers' Market to shop at.  The logistics for finding a place to host a market can get complicated and most farmers don't have the time to deal with the logistics, since they are busy farming!

Farmigo Looks To Put Farmers' Markets Wherever There is Demand

San Francisco based Farmigo is looking to make it much easier for farmers and consumers to connect.  Farmigo has developed a network that allows consumers to agree to buy produce from local farmers and then Farmigo coordinates a drop off and pick-up point for the food.  Here is more from FoodTank.Com -

"The Farmigo network allows workplaces, schools, companies, and other groups to set up a weekly order from farmers within a 100-mile radius, and agree upon a regular pick-up point where the produce will be delivered within 48 hours of harvest. Customers can browse local delivery locations, multiple producers, and available items, and then sign up for a regular subscription. A minimum number of subscriptions must be gathered before a community can be approved, making the new hub worthwhile for producers and more reliable for customers."

Order Real Food Online

Normally when you hear about ordering food online you think fast food - not fresh food.  Farmigo is looking to change this perception by making it incredibly easy to order fresh food online.  Simply visit their website and select the food you want.  Next, local farmers harvest the food.  Finally, the consumer goes to a pick-up location and gets the fresh food.  No delivery charges and no minimums, just like shopping at a Farmers' Market.

While CSAs are great, you sort of have to take whatever they give you.  Not into a ton of greens? Well, you better learn to love them if that is what is being shared that week.  Farmigo actually improves the CSA model by allowing you to pick exactly which foods you want from their website, this way every person can tailor their pickup to their exact tastes.

The only catch to Farmigo?  For right now, it is only up and running in the NYC and San Francisco area.  Hopefully the idea catches on and pop-up Farmer's Markets start to cover the country!


More Information:

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Dan Nessel
Dan Nessel