May 07, 2014

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The NYC +Pool, Do Good, Have Fun, Get Wet!

We talk a lot about Doing Good here at Limitless Good.  The thing is, many people think Doing Good is just about donating to a non-profit or supporting a charity.  Those are absolutely great ways to Do Good, but Doing Good comes in all shapes and sizes.  You know, like helping to build a self filtering, floating pool in NYC...

+ Pool Aims To Change The Way We Think About Rivers

Yes, what you see above is a rendering of what architect Dong-Ping Wong and designers Archie Lee Coates IV and Jeffrey Franklin hope will exist in the summer of 2016.  The project is called + Pool and it is pretty awesome.  The goal is to build the world's first water filtering floating pool, right in NYC.

"Like a giant strainer dropped into the rivers, + POOL will filter bacteria and contaminants through the concentric layers of filtration materials that make up the walls of the pool itself - leaving only clean, safe and swimmable river water. The Olympic-size pool will filter over 500,000 gallons of river water daily, making a measurable contribution towards cleaning the city's waterways."

- The +Pool FAQ


Where Is The Social Good In Building A Pool?

A floating pool is cool, but nothing revolutionary.  The +Pool is different in that it actually takes the river water in NYC, which is currently too dirty to swim in and cleans it and makes it swimmable.  The pool is actually cleaning the NYC waterways and maybe more importantly, connecting people with their natural environment.

It has been shown in numerous studies, if you give people a tangible reason to care about their environment, they will take better care of the environment.  The +Pool will get people into the rivers in NYC and connecting with the environment.  How long before people start wondering, "how come we can't swim in the rest of the river?"  Perhaps this leads to people taking better care of the river and finding ways to clean it.   The Good starts rolling and then there is no way to stop it!

How To Get Involved With +Pool

Head on over to the +Pool site.  They are looking to raise money for a number of tests they need to do and they have some very cool perks.  You can get your own tile when the pool is built and "first dips" passes to be among the first in the pool.  Now I just need to figure out what to write on my tile...

Find Your Own Way...Just Do Good

Floating Pool doesn't float your boat? No problem, find another project that does Good.  There are so many interesting and different ways that people are Doing Good - just find what interests you and Do Good!

More Information:

Visit the + Pool Site to Learn More



Dan Nessel
Dan Nessel