July 23, 2014

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144 People Don't Want to Cure Childhood Cancer???

This is Limitless Good and we are all about celebrating all the Good that is happening around us...and don't let the media tell you otherwise, there is plenty of good going on!  Today we turn the spotlight on some good, but also end with a mystery...

$10K To Cure Childhood Cancer

If you have not yet checked out Give Back Films, you really should.  They do some awesome good like making a barbecue for the homeless, paying for peoples gas and giving $10,000 to find a Cure for Childhood Cancer.  A couple of young people, doing good, making some fun videos and giving inspiration to the rest of us.

Here they are doing a cookout for the homeless -


And here is a very quick video where they present a check for $10,000 to find a cure for Childhood Cancer -


Now For the Mystery...

Young people Doing Good, social media being used to help those in need...all totally encouraging and awesome.  Some charities can be seen as political, but really, who doesn't want to wipe out childhood cancer?  Which makes this image a little bizarre -

Those are the stats on the "$10K for Cure for Cancer" video.  94K views is great.  4,368 people like it - that's awesome.  And 144 do NOT like a Cure for Cancer???  WHAT???

Come on, how do you really Thumbs Down a 1:45 video that is basically a person giving $10K to help cure childhood cancer?  I want to meet these 144 people.  I'll personally make them a Baobab smoothie, that should have them feeling so good, they turn that frown upside down :)

The 144 People Aside, This Is Good Stuff!

The cool thing about Give Back Films is that they are not some huge, heavily funded organization.  It looks to be a group of young people who just want to give back and share what they are doing.  Keep it up Give Back Films, you're Doing Good and making a difference!


Dan Nessel
Dan Nessel