August 11, 2014

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Baobab Fruit Gets The Superfood Treatment from Men's Fitness Magazine

The world is starting to wake up to the incredible Good inside the Baobab Fruit!  Readers of Limitless Good are probably tired of us going on about the the health benefits of Organic Baobab fruit powder, but we are not the only ones singing the praises of the Baobab Fruit....

"Superfoods" get that title for a reason—they offer your body more nutrition than most other foods. Baobab is a superfruit that has been called "Africa's best-kept secret." It has a very unique nutritional profile and boasts some incredible health, beauty, and lifestyle benefits. For starters, it's 50% fiber, contains six times as much vitamin C as an orange, has more iron than red meat, and delivers twice as much calcium as milk and more potassium than bananas. The powder is even FDA-approved, so set aside whatever skepticism you may be harboring. 

-Men's Fitness - 8/6/14 - "Food Watch: Baobab"

How Will You Baobab Today? 

Normally when a food is packed with nutrients it has a...let's just say...less than ideal taste.  Baobab on the other hand actually has an enjoyable sour mango type flavor. You can of course take a few scoops of 100% Organic Limitless Baobab Powder and mix it in your water, juice or smoothie.  If you want to get creative, there are lots of great ways to get Baobab into your diet...

Baobab Ice Cream?  You bet!  Here is a simple recipe of some delicious and nutritious Baobab Fruit Ice Cream -


Energy Boosting Citrus Smoothie?  This one will have you forgetting all about your coffee addiction! 



More Baobab Fruit Recipes...

There really is no bad way to get your Baobab on!  Need some more inspiration, check out our Baobab Recipes here.  In addition, remember, just by buying a bottle of Limitless Baobab, you are providing 8 meals to people in need.

More Information:

Men's Fitness Article - Food Watch: Baobab

Dan Nessel
Dan Nessel