August 21, 2014

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What Would You Endure To Do Good?

What would you endure over a 24 hour period to Do Good?  Would you run for 8 hours straight?  Watch Barney videos for 24 hours?  Juggle the Baobab Fruit while singing Happy Birthday?  Not sure?  Don't worry, you have until the weekend of October 18th, 2014 to prepare for Endure4Kindness 2014...

Get Ready To Endure4Kindness, It Is Good and Fun!

Our friends over at Random Acts are starting the prep work for the 2nd Annual Endure4Kindness (E4K) Challenge.  The idea is simple, raise money for a great cause, while doing anything you like...for a long time!  Here is more information from The Random Act Pinterest Page -

"Endure4Kindness is our global endurance event that happens every October/November. Participants are invited to pick an activity and invite their friends, family and members of the local community to pledge money. The more you do the more you’ll raise and the more acts of kindness you’ll help fund!"

Endure Together, It Is More Fun!

No reason to endure alone.  Get some friends together and come up with an endurance event you can do together.  Sure, physical acts like running, walking, push-ups are all cool (and work with the whole Feel Good theme), but get creative and do what you like for your endurance event.   Want to watch reruns of Seinfeld for 24 hours?  Go for it!  As long as you get some people to fund you (and really who wouldn't fund that) you are Doing Good...and Laughing Loud!

October Will Be Here Before You Know It, Start Planning Now

I know, it feels like October is in the distant future, but it is really only 6 weeks away.  Hop on over to Random Acts and start learning how you can get involved in the E4K Challenge.  You will be Doing Good and that will have you Feeling Good.



Dan Nessel
Dan Nessel