October 03, 2014

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Pay This Woman To Jump Off A Building

No, this site has not changed overnight to Limitless Evil.  Paying someone to jump off a building can actually be a really good thing.  In fact, I just paid her...you should too!

Doing Good Comes In All Shapes And Sizes

As we have tried to stress, there are endless ways to help out and do good.  Doing Good definitely does not have to be boring...and if you need any more proof of that, just check out what Tricia Gatte Andrews is doing.  She is rappelling down the side of a 30 story building to raise awareness and funds for the Special Olympics NC

Yes, on 10/4/14 - Tricia and plenty of other crazy folks will scale down a building in the middle of Raleigh, NC to raise money for the Special Olympics.  How awesomely Good is that?  

Take a minute right now to visit Tricia's fundraising page and donate.  Don't worry, we'll wait and quietly read to ourselves while you donate, here's that link again - enjoy Doing Good...

Doesn't It Feel Good To Pay Someone To Jump Off A Building

You're back? Great!  Come on, how often in your life will you be able to tell a friend, "Hey, I just paid a person to jump off a building and I feel really good."  Seriously, we love to see people doing Good in fun and creative ways and love to support them.

No, You Don't Need to Know Someone To Help Out

Here is the funny thing, I don't know Tricia.  She is a fan of Limitless Good, so that is totally awesome, but we have never met and I have never spoken to her.  She also has no idea we are doing this post.  None of this stopped me from just donating to her cause and you know what, it felt great to help a stranger.

One of the goals of Limitless Good is to celebrate the good that is all around us.  To rally behind someone we have never met and support her efforts to make a difference and change the world.  So, let's support Tricia and all the other everyday, non-celebrity, regular...yet TOTALLY INCREDIBLE people who are proving that our best days are still ahead of us.

More Information:

Visit Tricia's Page To Donate and Learn More

Visit Special Olympics NC to Read About Over The Edge 2014

Dan Nessel
Dan Nessel