October 09, 2014

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Food Bloggers Pick The Best Products From Expo East 2014

While I spent some time at Expo East 2014, there is only so much natural food one man can sample.  Clearly we are big fans of the baobab fruit powder, but there were plenty of other great products, foods and supplements on display at the Natural Products Expo.

Yes, You Can Have Mayo Without Eggs

One of the cool things about the Natural Products Expo is seeing all the great food options for people with different sensitivities.  Turns out having an egg allergy does not mean you need to give up your Mayo on your Turkey club!  Hampton Creek Just Mayo manages to create mayonnaise that is plant based and contains no eggs.  Here is the amazing part...it tastes like mayo!

Let The Food Bloggers Tell You More

New Hope 360 put together a team of 4 food bloggers to try, sample and report back on their top picks from Natural Products Expo 2014.  The food bloggers range from vegan to paleo, so something for everyone in their roundup.

Hop over to see their top 12 picks from Expo East 2014.  With these great picks you have no more excuses to stop you from eating well and Feeling Good!


Dan Nessel
Dan Nessel