November 11, 2014

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Super Easy and Effective Way to Do Good This Week

Unfortunately, Ebola needs no introduction.  The statistics on Ebola are frightening.  The 2014 Ebola epidemic is the largest in history, affecting multiple countries in West Africa.  There have been over 13,000 reported cases of Ebola and close to 5,000 deaths.  

For Every $1 You Give, Google Will Give $2

This week Google announced an amazing program to help end this Ebola epidemic.  For every $1 you donate to fight Ebola, Google will give $2 (up to $7.5 million).  Here are the details...

"This week, Google and Larry Page's family foundation announced a $25 million donation to fight the global Ebola crisis. We invite you to join us by making a donation today for even greater impact.

For every dollar you give here, Google will give two dollars (until together we raise an additional $7.5 million). Your donation will go to Network for Good, a donor advised fund, and will then be evenly distributed to four nonprofits doing critical work in West Africa. Google will cover all processing fees so that 100% of your donation goes to these organizations, making a difference both on the ground and across the globe."

Click Here to Make a Donation!

Ebola Is Horrible, But Ending the Ebola Epidemic is Good! 

I think we can all agree that Ebola is horrible.  You might be thinking, what would my $10 donation do to end this horrible epidemic? Well, now your $10 donation becomes $30 and if your friends donate and friends of friends...well, it starts to add up to something very substantial.

Take 5 minutes right now, head over to the Google Donate page and Do Good!

More Information:

Visit the Google OneToday Page to Donate 

Learn About the Ebola Epidemic from the CDC

Dan Nessel
Dan Nessel