December 04, 2014

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You Shouted Away Hunger on #GivingTuesday - THANKS!

We asked you to Shout at our site for #GivingTuesday...and shout you did!  In total, we received 158 shouts

For each shout we received, we agreed to make a donation to Feeding America.  Each shout, we donate $1, which Feeding America can turn into 9 meals for people in need.

So, doing some quick math - 158 shouts, each shout is 9 meals...let's see that gives us 3,160 meals!

No Our Math Is Not Wrong, Things Just Got Even Better!

It turns out that Unilever is doing a matching grant with Feeding America for the holiday season, so they are doubling donations.  This means that your 158 shouts will actually be able to provide 3,160 meals for people in need.  This is truly incredible and we just wanted to THANK YOU for using your voice for good!

The Shouting Is Over, But Let The Giving Go On!

While #GivingTuesday has ended, let the giving go on!  Now is a great time to give as many companies are doing matching grants.  For every bottle of Limitless Baobab sold we provide $1 to Feeding America, which normally provides 9 meals to people in need.  Now, thanks to the matching grant - for each bottle sold we can provide 20 meals to people in need!

Find a charity that interests you and see how you can get involved.  Believe us, when you Do Good, you Feel Good!


Dan Nessel
Dan Nessel