January 02, 2015

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The Baobab Fruit Off To A Fast Start In 2015!

Well, that was quick.  As our regular readers know, we are big fans of the Baobab Fruit and have been singing its praises for the past year.  We had a feeling that 2015 could be the year that Baobab breaks out and becomes the hot super fruit...we just didn't know it would happen just one day into 2015!

The Tastiest Food Trends for 2015

The Independent just published an article with their tastiest food trends for 2015 and guess who made the list?  Yep, the Baobab Fruit...

"In 2015, it looks set to oust chia seeds as the superfood you won’t be able to avoid.

The nutritional benefits of Baobab, which is sold in powdered form, are impressive. Besides powerful antioxidant qualities, it has six times the vitamin C of oranges and six times the potassium of bananas. But the rise of Baobab, which grows in 32 African countries, will have benefits beyond our health."

The Independent, 1/2/15

It Is All About Feeling Good and Doing Good In 2015

We completely agree with The Independent.  Not only does the Baobab Fruit have significant health benefits, the Doing Good aspect of Baobab is powerful as well.

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You go Baobab Fruit!  Let's all drink a Baobab Smoothie toast to 2015 - the year of the Baobab Fruit!



Dan Nessel
Dan Nessel