January 15, 2015

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Baobab Fruit Used For Healthy Liver Detox? Oh Yeah!

Just halfway through January and 2015 is already looking like a breakout year for the mighty Baobab Fruit.  Already picked as one of the top food trends for 2015 by The Independent, the Baobab Fruit is going more mainstream in 2015.

Now the Baobab Fruit is being used in another Feel Good way...as a component to Dr Erica LePore's 21 Day Detox Plan.

An All Natural, Healthy Cleanse

Forget everything you have read and learned about detox programs and cleanses.  Once you learn about the safe, effective and all natural detoxification program that Dr LePore has developed you will understand why we are so excited.

Erica LePore is a Naturopathic Doctor, a graduate of Bastyr University in Seattle, WA.  For over 14 years, Dr. LePore has guided over a thousand patients through a science-based detoxification program developed through her research and experience.  Her patients have been amazed by the results achieved by following Dr. LePore’s detox plan.  People of all ages (18-85) have achieved numerous health transformations including improvements in body weight, cholesterol, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, gluten intolerance, sleep disturbances, indigestion, GERD, arthritis pain, headaches, skin conditions, and menopausal and premenstrual symptoms. 

Count Chemicals, Not Calories

Dr LePore understands that the real problem with today's diet is not as much the calories as the chemicals!  To reach as many people as possible, Dr. LePore has launched her 21 Day Detox Plan.  

The 21 Day Detox Plan is an all natural, evidence based, food filled cleanse!  That't right, no juicing or endless fasting - you learn the right foods to eat and what foods to avoid.

Proud To Have Limitless Baobab In The Program

As part of the 21 Day Detox Plan, Dr LePore recommends a few key supplements - our own Limitless Baobab, Perfect Liver Detox Support and Bentonite Clay.  The high fiber content and incredible antioxidant levels of the Limitless Baobab make it a perfect whole food supplement for her detoxification program.

Start 2015 Off Right, Take A Look At The 21 Day Detox Program

Who doesn't have a New Year's resolution to Feel Better in 2015?  Do yourself a favor and head over to the 21 Day Detox Plan and learn more about this all natural, food based cleanse that has helped thousands feel their best.

Dan Nessel
Dan Nessel