March 04, 2015

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Yes, Good Is Alive and Well!

Turn on the news and all you see are problems.  Conflicts, failures,, it can really get you down.

The thing is, look around you, on a local level and you see endless signs of Good!  For example...

The Cancer Connection Campout IX

Right here in Northampton, MA - Monte, a local radio DJ is camping out in the snow.  Is it because he loves camping?  No, he actually hates camping...he just hates cancer more.  Monte is looking to raise $50,000 for the incredible non-profit Cancer Connection.

Read the whole story on The Cancer Connection Campout IX

Visit Monte's Cancer Connection Campout Page

Visit the Cancer Connection

Donate -

Call 413-582-5200

Or Donate Via PayPal

A Big Thank You To Theses Toy Companies

Businesses only care about making money – right?  Wrong!  Awesome companies care about doing Good as well. A big thank you to WowWeeSpin MasterZing Toys and Hog Wild – for providing an awesome collection of toys to giveaway at the event.  If you are in the Northampton, MA area, come on by the Old Courthouse, make a donation and take home an awesome toy.

Take a look at our FaceBook Album to see all the great toys that will be at the event -

Campout Toys


Dan Nessel
Dan Nessel