March 06, 2015

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Mama (and Papa) Natural Baobab Smoothie!

Source: Mama Natural IRL Episode #50

If you have not subscribed to the Mama Natural YouTube Channel...what are you waiting for?  

Mama Natural (aka Genevieve) has a wonderful YouTube channel and show called In Real Life.  She is a real person, with a real family, just trying to eat healthy and deal with all the real issues we all deal with.  

It is so refreshing to find "real" people doing a great show, as opposed to the Hollywood image of what healthy and real is.  Simply put, Mama Natural is Doing Good and Feeling Good...hmm, sounds like something we could connect with :)

Our Favorite Episode of IRL?  Has to be #50!

Mama (and Papa) Natural do such a good job with each episode, hard to pick a favorite...but it has to be #50 -

Oh, what a coincidence, it just so happens Limitless Good sponsored that episode :)

Seriously, Genevieve does such a wonderful job of talking about real things and just making you feel good about who you are - definitely worth watching.  

Check Out The Papa Natural Baobab Smoothie

At the 4:15 mark Mama Natural talks about the Limitless Baobab and then at the 4:55 mark Papa Natural makes an incredible Baobab Smoothie.  Definitely check it out - it looks delicious and clearly packed with healthy nutrients.

Looking for more Baobab Recipes Ideas?  Yep, they are all right here.

Make Mama Natural Part of Your Week

Be sure to subscribe to Mama Natural, she has new shows on Tuesday and Thursday.  The shows are always entertaining and packed with useful and fun information.

Dan Nessel
Dan Nessel