April 08, 2015

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Congratulations Baobab Fruit (AKA Monkey Bread) You Just Made Another List

It's official, the Baobab Fruit now has more accolades than it has names :)

You say Baobab Fruit, I say Monkey Bread...but not matter what you call it, there is one thing that we can all agree on - the Baobab Fruit is packed with nutrients.

19 Bizarrely Effective Home Remedies From The Far Corners of The World

Yahoo Health just published an excellent piece on effective home remedies from around the world.  Guess what was number two on the list?  The Wings of a Three Legged Fairy!  Just kidding, Baobab of course...

"In the West African nation of Togo, the calcium-rich leaves of the Baobab tree have always been a health staple and they’ve been used in traditional medicine to bring down blood pressure. Locals call the Baobab fruit “Monkey’s Bread” and consume it regularly for its high levels of vitamins, proteins and anti-oxidants."

Baobab Fruit, All The Good With None of the Bad

We clearly are in love with the Baobab Fruit.  Yes we love all the nutrients and health benefits that come from eating Baobab Fruit.  The thing which is really amazing about the Baobab Fruit is that you get all the Good, with none of the Bad.  

Go ahead and do a search in Google for Baobab Fruit.  Try to find one negative story.  Look for something that warns you about the dangerous side effects of Baobab.  You will not find anything!

You see, Baobab is not some manufactured product with unknown chemicals and synthetics.  Baobab is made by Mother Nature and packed with nutrients...not chemicals.

It's Not All About The Baobab...

Have a read of the Yahoo Health piece, the other 18 effective home remedies are very impressive as well.  With all of our fancy medicine and prescriptions, it still seems the home remedies that our grandparents used are often more effective!


Dan Nessel
Dan Nessel