June 11, 2015

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Super Duper Do Good - Give $1 and Provide 20 Meals for People In Need

As you know, here at Limitless Good we are big believers in Doing Good.  One of the ways we Do Good is providing a donation to Feeding America for every bottle of Baobab sold.  We love Feeding America and have written about the great work they do previously on the blog.

Help Feeding America Now and Do Double Good

Feeding America has always been able to stretch a dollar to incredible lengths to help families in America who do not have enough to eat.  Now, thanks to a matching grant by Cargill, for every $1 you donate to Feeding America, they can provide 20 meals to people in need.

That is so incredible, it bears repeating... you donate $1 and 20 meals are provided for people with hunger issues.  Give just $20 and you have provided 400 meals for people in need.  Talk about Doing Good on a budget!

Take 5 Minutes Right Now and Do Good

The Cargill matching grant ends on 6/30/15, so please take 5 minutes right now and donate to Feeding America.  Not only will you Do Good, but you will Feel Good.  Studies have shown, the more you give, the better you feel.  4 out of 5 doctors recommend giving to Feeding America for their patients that like to give.  Giving to Feeding America makes you feel 99.44% pure - just like Ivory soap :)

Seriously, hunger is an issue we can absolutely have a positive impact on.  Hop over to Feeding America, make a donation and then float around today knowing that you Did Good!


Dan Nessel
Dan Nessel