October 28, 2015

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What I Learned At The World Expo, In Photo Form

I recently got the opportunity to visit the World Expo in Milan, Italy.  The theme of the Expo Was Focus on Food, Feeding the Planet.

I was of course excited to visit a few African countries and see the awesome Baobab Fruit on display -

However, it was some of the facts and figures about food and our growing population that really caught my eye.

Why Say What You Can Show?

Rather than listening to me blab on about the messages of the World Expo, let me show you.  Below are a series of photos I snapped at the Expo.  These were huge signs on the side of the pavilions of various countries.  Little nuggets that really get the mind moving.

Take a look, in no particular order...



Food For Thought - We Need to Think About Food!

You can draw your own conclusion from the message above, but one thing was clear to me - we need to think more about our food system.  Population is increasing, but the planet is not getting any larger.  

The World Expo did not have all the answers to a growing population and a limited food supply, but it did raise questions and hopefully spark a conversation on food and our future.


Dan Nessel
Dan Nessel