November 18, 2015

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What is Better Than Doing Good? Doing Double Good!

We are all about Doing Good and helping those in need.  Regular readers have heard us go on and on about Feeding America and the incredible work they are doing to fight hunger in the USA.  Amazingly, they have been able to provide 11 meals for families in need with every $1 donation.  But wait, things just got even more amazing...

Donate $1 and Provide 22 Meals For People In Need

That's right, if you donate right now you can double your impact.  While $10 may not be a huge amount to you, it will now provide 220 Meals for people in need in America.  

I'll be honest,  I have read the rest of this post and it is really not that great.  So, click here now, donate to Feeding America and make Thanksgiving a whole lot more joyful for hundreds of people in need.

How Can $1 Provide 22 Meals?

Millions of pounds of food goes to waste everyday in America.  Feeding America works by getting donations of food that would otherwise be destroyed and then transporting that food to food banks -

Your donation goes to cover the cost of acquiring and distributing the food to people in need.  Do to the efficient system they have in place and matching grants, right now a $1 donation will provide 22 meals for families in need.

Hunger is A Totally Fixable Problem

We can end hunger in America.  The food is there, it is just a matter of getting it to the people that need it.  With our support, incredible agencies like Feeding America will wipe out hunger.

Double the Donations and Double The Karma

Take 5 minutes out of your day and donate now.  Not only will you make some families very thankful this Thanksgiving, you will also be earning double Karma points...and who doesn't want that :)

More Information:

Visit Feeding America to Donate and Learn More



Dan Nessel
Dan Nessel