December 30, 2015

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Surprise! Good Things Did Happen in 2015

No doubt there were some horrific and deeply saddening events that took place in 2015.  The thing is, if you watch the news you would think that is ALL that took place in 2015.

Our List of Food Organizations Fighting the Good Fight in 2015

At Limitless Good we always want to shine the spotlight on the GOOD and POSITIVE that is happening all around us.  Unfortunately, the stuff that normally does not make the news.  

We started coming up with a list of various non-profits and organizations that were having a very positive impact when it comes to providing healthy food options to millions of people around the world.  

Then we saw what our friends at Food Tank did and let's change the title...

Our Food Tank List of Food Organizations Fighting the Good Fight in 2015

Why reinvent the wheel?  Food Tank has created an incredible list of 116 organizations that are set to make a major positive impact in 2016.  Here it is in their own words...

"This year, Food Tank is featuring 116 organizations you may not have heard about, but should look out for over the new year. These organizations may not be well-known, but are deserving of the spotlight because of their vital contributions to creating a better food system.

Food Tank is proud to bring attention to organizations dedicated to alleviating childhood poverty, empowering women to become financially independent through food and farming, preventing postharvest losses and food waste, cultivating the next generation of agricultural leaders, implementing true cost accounting in the food system, putting farmers’ in the driver’s seat of research and development, and innovating the way food is grown in cities."

So, stop reading this now and jump over to the Food Tank List of 116 Orgs to Watch in 2016!


Dan Nessel
Dan Nessel