February 01, 2016

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Award Fun Not Stereotypes - A Simple Way to Do Good Today!

TOTY Awards Gone Wrong

That comic above basically says it all.  We are all about Doing Good here and we just don't see any possible good that comes from the Toy Industry Association (TIA) telling us what toys boys should play with and what toys girls should play with.  

Why Not Just Give Awards to The Best Toys?

On February 12th, 2016 the TIA will hand out its Toy of The Year (TOTY) Awards - this is sort of the Oscars of the toy industry.  There will be awards for things like Best Educational Toy, Best Outdoor Toy and Best Activity Toy.  Cool.  All helpful awards that recognize great toys.

The problem is the Boy Toy of the Year and Girl Toy of The Year Awards.  The boys get things like Star Wars and Drones.  The girls get magical unicorns and a shopping playset.  It's 2016 - why in the world do we need to award gender stereotypes in toys?

Yes, There is An Easy Solution

The folks at DadDoes.Com have come up with a petition.  All they are asking is that the Toy Industry Association do away with the Boy and Girl TOTY Awards and instead give awards based on the type of toy.  You can have a TOTY Award for Best Doll, Best Drone, Best Maker and Baker...,just don't attach gender to the award.

A simple solution to put a dent in gender stereotyping?  That is a Do Good we can believe in!

Head over to Dad Does to read the full story

Sign the Petition on Change.Org - takes a few seconds and costs nothing.


Dan Nessel
Dan Nessel