March 01, 2016

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48 Million Hungry Americans, 40% of Food Wasted. Something Doesn't Add Up

There are 48 Million Americans who are not sure where there next meal is coming from.

40% of Food in America is Wasted and Sent to Landfills.

How can those two events be happening at the same time?

Do Good - Support The Food Recovery Act

I know it is the political season and we try not to get involved in partisan politics on this site.  The thing is - hunger does not discriminate between Republicans and Democrats.

The idea of supporting a bill to reduce the insane amount of food we waste each day and channel it to people who need food, seems as bipartisan as you can get.

Last December, Congresswoman Chellie Pingree proposed the Food Recovery Act—legislation that proposes more than 15 ways to tackle wasted food and hunger in America.

Ideas such as:

  • Retail and Restaurants - strengthen food donation and study barriers that prevent donation of extra food;
  • Schools and Institutions - expand grant programs to educate students about food waste and encourage food rescue. Revise National School Lunch Program rules to encourage use of produce that's local, fresh, tasty and less expensive but imperfect in shape or size;
  • Consumers - clarify "sell-by" dates and sponsor a national campaign to raise awareness of the impact of food waste and ways to prevent it; and
  • Farms - enable usage of “ugly” fruits and vegetables and invest in storage and distribution programs to help food banks.

Yet, somehow like everything else in Washington, this bill is stalled.

Let Congress Know Food Waste Is Unacceptable

In America, where 1 in 5 people are uncertain where their next meal will come from, how can we throw away 40% of the food we purchase?

Take 3 minutes right now, head over to this Change.Org petition, sign it and you will have done your Do Good for the day!

We want to support your Do Good and match it with a Feel Good.  So, just drop us a line and let us know you signed the petition and we will send you a coupon for our Baobab Fruit powder.  You can then make yourself a Baobab Smoothie and kick your feet up knowing you've Done Good and will Feel Good!


Dan Nessel
Dan Nessel