August 14, 2013

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You Ready To Do Some Good?

Why are those characters doing the happy dance?  Because they are Doing Good and Feeling Good!


Welcome to Limitless Good, We Are So Happy You're Here

Welcome to a place where we celebrate the good.  We are fed up with the non-stop barrage of negative stories and pessimistic outlooks.  We know that our best days are ahead of us and we all want to do good and feel good.  We also understand that good is a relative thing.  For some of us, volunteering at a Food Bank might be how we do good.  For others, making the effort to sit down and have dinner with the family is how they do their good.  It's all good and we want to celebrate and support it all.

We Know, Good Should Be Fun

You know what is REALLY good? Laughing Loud!  Yes, we want to share, reward and encourage all types of good, but we also want to have fun.  Sometimes you just need to is as simple as that.  Visit our Laugh Loud section and you might find anything from piano playing cats to dogs that like to dress like Santa.

Stay Tuned, We Are Just Getting Started

Limitless Good is just getting under way and we have some big plans...but we need your help.  This site is all about working together, supporting each other and sharing our stories.  Please leave comments, contact us - open your window and yell "Hey Limitless Good Dudes, I Got Something to Say!"  We love to chat about anything - so let's get going and do some good!


Dan Nessel
Dan Nessel