September 23, 2013

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You Get Limitless Baobab, A Family In Need Gets Meals - A True Good-Good!

You have heard of a win-win, well we have come up with the good-good.  Now, when ever you purchase a bottle of our Limitless Baobab we will make a donation to Feeding America that will provide 8 meals to families in need in the USA.  You Feel Good by eating Organic and nutrient packed Baobab Fruit  and You Do Good by providing meals for families in need.  This is a true Good-Good!

Hunger In America is A Real Problem

The numbers are sobering:

  • 49 Million People In America Face Hunger Issues Everyday
  • 1 in 6 Americans Wonder Where Their Next Meal Will Come From
  • 1 in 5 American Children Wonder Where Their Next Meal Will Come From
  • The Number Of People At Risk For Hunger Has Gone Up 46% Since 2006 

Source: Feeding America

Hard working men, women and children are just having a hard time making enough money to afford food.  

Hunger in America is a Solvable Problem

Here is the amazing thing, each year billions of pounds of food is wasted.  In fact, we produce enough food in the US to feed every man, woman and child.  The Good news in all this is that the hunger problem in America is absolutely solvable.  It is about working with great non-profit organizations like Feeding America to figure out ways to get the food we normally waste into the hands of the people who need it most.

Every Bottle of Limitless Baobab Sold = 8 Meals For Families In Need

We are happy to announce that we have agreed to donate to Feeding America to help fight hunger in America.  For every bottle of Limitless Baobab sold, we will donate to Feeding America so they can provide 8 meals for families in need.  The more bottles we sell, the more meals we can provide - so stock up on Limitless Baobab and Feel Good knowing that families are eating thanks to your purchase.

You Don't Need to Buy Anything To Help End Hunger

Maybe you don't need any Limitless Baobab, that is cool.  Please just help us spread the word about the great work Feeding America is doing and you will be Doing Good!  Share this page on Facebook, Twitter or by memorizing every word of it and then reciting it to strangers on the street.  You can also take the Pledge To Solve Hunger.  Unlike tricky things like disease research, we absolutely have the means TODAY to wipe out hunger in America, we just need to get everyone on board!

We Are Just Getting Started With Our Do Gooding, Please Come Along

If you have read the Mission Statement of Limitless Good, you know our plan is to make a real difference in the world.  We are happy to support Feeding America, but this is just the start.  Have ideas for other great charities we could support?  Just leave us a comment or get in touch via our Contact Us page.

We also have our Win $200 to Do Good In The Neighborhood program and greatly encourage everyone to Do Good on a local level and then share it with the world.  Use our Facebook page to share all the good you do and let's make Doing Good contagious.

More Information:

Visit Feeding America To Learn More About This Incredible Non-Profit

Dan Nessel
Dan Nessel