October 09, 2013

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How to Hit Your Local Politician Without Landing Yourself in Jail

My town throws an annual Victorian Fair in September and my 10 year old daughter’s school always has a booth to raise funds for the school. The 5th graders like my daughter are asked to volunteer their time to help out to raise money. The money goes to everything from buying books for the school library to scholarships for more impoverished students to attend the environmental camping trip next spring. Both Isabelle and I volunteered for a 2 hour shift at the booth.

Who Wouldn't Want To Pie A Politician?


While I hawked raffle tickets, I was impressed by the wide range of things you could do at our extended Lincoln School booth. Kids could throw darts at balloons for a dollar and win a prize (no matter how they did). Challengers could sit down with a local chess master for a 10 minute speed game for a 3 dollar donation. But by far, the most popular activity was the pie toss. Whipped cream pies were available for a buck apiece, and you could smother the faces of various 5th graders and Lincoln School dads. Even better, our town’s state representative, Paul Brodeur, and the mayor both volunteered their faces for the throw. It was a real treat to see our local politicians offering their faces up to a good cause.



Further Proof That Doing Good Can Be Easy and Fun


We had such a good time volunteering that we stayed an extra half hour past our shifts. People often think to do good in the world, they need to give a large donation to a charity or work in a soup kitchen. But something as simple as giving your time on a Sunday afternoon to a local organization that means something to you and your family counts, too.

Share Your Story Of Doing Good, We May Have A Surprise For You

Do you volunteer your time to do good in your hometown? Let us know in the comments below or drop us an email.   Perhaps your story of Doing Good will appear on Limitless Good, which of course will make you incredibly famous.  Fame not enough for you?  We have also been known to give out surprise gifts to those that Do Good!  We promise, it will not be a pie in your face.


Noelle Boc
Noelle Boc