October 18, 2013

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Baobab Fruit Information, For People Who Hate To Read

Sometimes you just want to watch a video.  We get it, you spend all day reading and as much as you might be interested in learning more about this Baobab Fruit we seem to be writing volumes about, you just can't keep reading all these words.  Grab some popcorn, we have a solution...

Introducing our Baobab Fruit Videos

The Baobab tree is so awesome, it is actually better to see it than read about it.  To get things rolling, we have released two videos on the Baobab fruit...

What Is Baobab?

What Are The Health Benefits of The Baobab Fruit

You Give Us 9 Minutes, We Give You The Basics of Baobab Fruit

Grab some popcorn, set aside 9 minutes and watch the 2 videos above.  Once you have learned more about Baobab, can we gently recommend you take a look at our 100% USDA Organic Baobab Powder - Limitless Baobab.  In addition to all the Good you will feel from including Baobab in your diet, you also help our mission to Do Good.  For each bottle of Limitless Baobab sold, we provide 8 meals to people in need.  In addition, you may win $200 to Do Good in Your Neighborhood.


Enough of all these words - go watch the videos and relax!


Dan Nessel
Dan Nessel