October 21, 2013

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You Need to Feel Sad To Feel Good?

According to comedian Louis C.K. the answer is yes!  Louis C.K. gives a great take on cell phones, kids, technology and our need to constantly be connected in this interview on Conan -



Is This a Laugh Loud? Feel Good? Feel Sad???

This is one of those tricky videos that is funny, sad, honest and good.  Do you find that feeling sad then allows you to feel good?

We do tend to agree that technology has greatly limited our ability to be in the moment.  If something is happening that is not perfect, it is far too easy to reach for your phone and escape the moment.  As Louis C.K. points out, when you let a negative moment wash over you, you often come out feeling much better on the other side.

Doing Good and Feeling Good In Not Always Perfect or Pretty

We don't want to get too heavy analyzing a bit by a comedian, but we think it greatly illustrates a point we try to make here at Limitless Good.  Doing Good and Feeling Good is an incremental thing.  Try as you might, you will still have days when things are not going well and you don't feel the Good - but don't let that stop you.   It is actually a lot easier to try to eat well and do good when you realize you don't have to be perfect.  


Or, forget all that heavy stuff and just enjoy a good laugh from Louis C.K.


Dan Nessel
Dan Nessel