November 01, 2013

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Welcome To Movember, Let The Mo Be Good!

Be Dapper, For It’s Movember
Illustration by Ghergich & Co.


It is November 1st, which means that Movember is here!

Nope, That is Not A Typo, It is Now Called Movember

Ah, sometimes I like to wax nostalgic.  I can still remember when this month we are now in was called November - that was way back in 2002.  Those were crazy times.  YouTube did not exist, nor did Facebook.  Wow, what did we do to waste our lives away back then?  Anyway, those are all distant memories now.  Since 2003, this month has become known as Movember and Prostate Cancer is hating it!  I bet prostate cancer never imagined that people growing mustaches for a month could lead to over $147 million raised to wipe it out.

What is Movember?

Movember started in 2003 when a few friends sitting in a bar in Australia decided to grow mustaches for the month of November.  They wanted to bring the "Mo" back and came up with an idea for Movember.  Year after year the idea grew and grew and it became a way to raise money for prostate cancer research.

Sounds like a pretty simple act of Good.  You get friends to pledge money if you grow a mustache and you have fun styling an awesome Mo for a month.  A perfect example of having fun and Doing Good.  But can growing a mustache really make a difference?  Watch this short video and you will be blown away...


Yes, Small Acts of Goods Do Lead To Incredible Things

3 guys decide to grow mustaches and just 10 years later they have raised close to $150 million dollars for cancer research.  That is incredible Good!  Further proof that if you want to Do Good, never believe your idea is too small or too silly.  You really can't fail if you are trying to help others.

Get Involved With Movember

 There are so many great ways to get involved with Movember.  It all starts by visiting the Movember site.  Start your own team of Mo Brothers and Mo Sisters.  Support other teams.  Have fun, post photos, get people talking about prostate cancer research.  Drop by our Facebook Page and post a photo of you styling your Mo.  As a reward for your Doing Good, we will be sending out surprises!

Now, let's get Mo Crazy....

Dan Nessel
Dan Nessel