March 16, 2017

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Going To Spend Money On Amazon? Do It Today and DO GOOD!

This is pretty cool.  We have talked before about the Amazon Smile program.  It is one of the easier ways to Do Good and give to charity.  Instead of going to Amazon.Com you simply go to .  

The first time you go, you pick a charity to get 1% of everything you spend on Amazon.  After that, you just start your shopping at Smile.Amazon.Com - exact same Amazon you know and love, but now all your purchases result in 1% going to your favorite charity.  It doesn't get better than that...does it?

Today 3/16/17 - Amazon Smile Gives 5% To Charity

On 3/16/17 Amazon is running an incredible promotion - instead of 1% they are giving 5% to all charities via Amazon Smile.

Time to stop reading this and head over to Amazon Smile right now.  You will feel a lot less guilty buying this 20 pound package of M&M's -

When you know that 5% of the $533 purchase price is going to charity :)



Dan Nessel
Dan Nessel