April 09, 2018

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Watch People See and Try Baobab Fruit For The First Time

Let's be honest, if you are reading this post, you are probably already a Baobab Super fan, just like us!

The thing is, as much as we get the potential health benefits of eating the Baobab fruit, there are still plenty of people who wouldn't know a Baobab fruit it it hit them in the head.  Which can actually be quite serious as the Baobab fruit can weight nearly as much as a small coconut.  But we digress...

The Grocer did a great video where they showed people a Baobab fruit and had them taste it for the first time.  Check out the article and video here.

Yes, Once Again 2018 Is The Year of the Baobab!

I know, we say this every year.  The thing is, with the nutritional profile of the Baobab fruit and the sustainable way it is harvested, we really can't understand why more people haven't discovered the Baobab fruit.

The good news is that early sales and product releases for 2018 show that interest in the mighty Baobab fruit is growing at a very rapid clip.  Again, check out the above Grocer article for more data.

As The Temperatures Rise, Try Baobab Ice Cream

Looking for a fun way to incorporate more Baobab into your diet?  How about trying one of our favorite recipes - Baobab Ice Cream!

That's it for now and just remember when all your friends start jumping on the Baobab bandwagon, tell them you've been a Baobab Super Fan from way back when :)

Dan Nessel
Dan Nessel