October 11, 2017

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In The Wake of Las Vegas, A Call For Social Good

This site is called Limitless Good and it is all about celebrating the good that is going on all around us.  Some have asked, in the wake of the Las Vegas shooting, is there really any good to celebrate?

The horrific events that occurred on October 1st in Las Vegas are just that - horrific. For the 58 people who lost their life and the hundreds more who were injured, there is no silver lining. There is no, “that was horrible, but it could have been even worse...”

Of course we all send our thoughts and prayers, but that will not bring these people back or stop the next attack. We need to rid this country of its fixation on guns and enact much stricter gun control laws. Of course, with the power of the NRA and other lobbyist, the odds of seeing real change are a long shot at best.

As a person who always looks to turn the spotlight on good and see the best in humanity, I have been asked, “do you still believe in the good of people?” The answer of course is yes, now more than ever.

Yes, Social Media Can Be A Very Powerful Tool for Social Good

I have been highly critical of the good that happens on social media. Liking, sharing and reposting a story about a charity is not the same as donating to the charity. I was starting to believe that the currency for doing good online was an emoji and last I checked, hospitals don’t accepts emojis as a form of payment.

Since the attack in Las Vegas I am starting to see that social media really can be a platform to raise money, awareness and directly impact and help the people in need.

Take a look at this video that Casey Neistat did -

In less than 3 days, the video had achieved these numbers -


3 Million views and 85,000 likes (side note, who are the 2,000 soulless individuals who gave a thumbs down) impressive viewership and plenty of people liking the idea of helping the victims.

The question is, did people really open their wallets and give to the GoFundMe page?

Here are the numbers as of October 5th -

That is $277K that will go directly to the families effected by this tragedy, all from one guy talking into a video camera and asking people to help. These are people who three days ago were not thinking about donating to a charity. From the comments you see that many of these people don’t have much, but just felt like they had to give something.

Most importantly, they didn’t just like and share - they gave money, to help strangers they will never meet, get through a very difficult time.

Evil Came From the 32nd Floor, The Good Comes From Everywhere

This is one simple example of the good that has happened in response to evil. There are literally thousands of other stories of people doing anything and everything to help the victims of the Las Vegas attack.

So, when people ask me, how can I see the good in the world, right after an event that is pure evil, I just tell them to look at the numbers. Evil came from one window on the 32nd floor, the good came from every nook and cranny of this planet.

Please Do Good By Giving To One of These Charities -

Clark County Commission Chair Steve Sisolak has launched a GoFundMe campaign

Dan Nessel
Dan Nessel