March 27, 2017

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Proof That Social Media Is Actually A Force for Social Good!

I know, it can all seem pointless.  You go on social media and there are endless videos of cats crawling into tiny little boxes.  Dumb people, doing even dumber things...and being watched by millions.  It really makes you wonder, is there anything good that comes from all this social media sharing?

Yes, Social Media Is a Force For Social Good and Here is Proof

In 10 days, some folks went from an idea to a funded plan to deliver over $2 million dollars of food to Somalia.  In addition to raising $2 million in small donations from normal folks like us, they also got Turkish Airlines to donate a plane!  In 10 days!

I could try to explain it all, but better to just watch this video from Casey Neistat -


Good Is Happening All Around Us...Even on Social Media

The really incredible thing about this Love Army for Somalia is that it took shape so quickly and in a totally organic manner.  Yes, the social media folks behind the idea have very large followings, but if you look at the GoFundMe page - it is tons of small contributions, from everyday folks, that made this incredible good happen.  Speaking of...

If you are looking for a way to #DoGood, why not become a part of the Love Army for Somalia.  Just hop over to the page and make a small donation.

Not only will you be helping with the crisis in Somalia, you will also be proving that social media really can be used for social good!



Dan Nessel
Dan Nessel