July 01, 2016

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Ready For Some Summertime Baobab Recipes?

Baobab Ice Cream

Summer is finally here and now we can sit back, relax and enjoy a Baobab Smoothie!  Well, at least until the lawn needs to be mowed, the dog has to be walked, the kids have to be picked up, the garbage needs to be...

Forget All Your Chores, Give Yourself a Few Moments

I know, I know, there are endless things that still need to get done over the summer, but don't forget to give yourself some time to relax and enjoy.  Believe me, you will be better energized to mow the lawn and feed the cat, once you have had 5 minutes of me time.

Let The Baobab Fruit Be Your Summer Friend

Here at Limitless Good it is no secret that we absolutely adore the Baobab Fruit.  Of course we don't just consumer Baobab, we make our own 100% Organic Baobab Powder - Limitless Baobab.  The health benefits of getting Organic Baobab into your diet are pretty incredible, and the Limitless Baobab Powder is an easy way to get Baobab into your diet.

Wait, You Want Me To Eat Spoonfuls of Baobab Powder?

Well you could do that, but no, that is not what we want.  We want you to have delicious Baobab Smoothies, Baobab Ice Cream, Baobab Iced Tea, Baobab Cake and so much more.

To help you fully enjoy the Baobab Fruit this summer we have created this list of Baobab Fruit recipes.

We Could Keep Writing, But I Bet We Lost You At Baobab Ice Cream

I know, how can boring words compete with ice cream?  I am with you and think I will go make some Baobab Ice Cream as well.

Hop on over to our Baobab Fruit Recipes, believe me, it will make summer even more enjoyable!



Dan Nessel
Dan Nessel