April 06, 2020

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Resources to Survive and Thrive at Home During These Trying Times

Resources to Survive and Thrive At Home during the COVID-19 situation

Is our name Limitless Stress?  Or Limitless Doom?

No, no it's not.

Our name is Limitless Good, so of course during these very stressful times we are focusing on the good. 

Please understand, we are not at all minimizing the seriousness of the coronavirus pandemic, but rather trying to find practical ways we can help.

Our Friends at Perfect Supplements Have The Perfect Resource...

We are all spending a lot more time at home these days.  Which leads to questions like -

What can I watch?

How do I stay active while stuck in my house?

How do I keep the kids educationally engaged?

And maybe most importantly....Is there anything to make me laugh?

Perfectly Practical Resources to Surviving and Thriving At Home answers all these questions and more!

No doom and gloom, just a constantly updated guide to all the ways to stay entertained, educated and active - while staying home.

You Still Here?  

I could keep writing, but I really think you would rather watch dogs stick their heads out of car windows.  Yep, that and much more over at the Perfectly Practical Resources to Surviving and Thriving At Home .  Check it out, and make the most of social distancing. 

Dan Nessel
Dan Nessel