March 26, 2019

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Smile, Amazon and The Easiest Way to Do Good!

Life can be complicated.

Giving money to charity...involves giving your money to charity.

The above used to be true - but not with Amazon Smile.  Now it is super simple to give to a charity of your choice...and it doesn't cost you anything!

Amazon SMILE Makes Donating To Charities Effortless

Amazon.Com has a charitable program called Amazon Smile.  Instead of shopping at Amazon.Com, you simply go to Smile.Amazon.Com.  Everything will look exactly the same - same prices, same Prime benefits, same products...with one crucial difference.  By entering through Amazon Smile, .5% of your purchase totals will be donated to a charity that you choose!

We know that .5% does not seem like a lot, but Amazon did $141 Billion in sales in 2018.  If everyone did their shopping via Smile.Amazon.Com that would have been $705 Million donated to incredible charities...all at a cost of $0 to consumers!

Bonus, You Feel Good When Buying That Gadget You Don't Need

We have all done it.  We buy some gadget or gizmo from Amazon that we really didn't need.  You start to feel the guilt - was it really wise to spend money on this thing?  With Amazon Smile, you see that your totally unnecessary gadget purchase actually provided completely necessary funds to a charity.  Boom - a charity gets money and you get to enjoy your unnecessary but totally fun gadget guilt free.

It Takes Just a Second, So Why Not Do Amazon Smile?

Amazon Smile is not perfect.  Not every product is eligible for the .5% donation to charity...but as Amazon Smile cost nothing and in no way limits your Amazon experience, why not do it?  Take 10 seconds right now and DO GOOD today!  Head over to Amazon Smile and setup your charity.  Then reward yourself and the charity by buying that totally sick pair of headphones you have been eyeing!


Dan Nessel
Dan Nessel