October 19, 2016

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What's Better Than Doing Good? Winning An Award For Doing Good!

We applaud and celebrate #DoingGood on any level.  There is no action of good that is too small.  How awesome would the world be if everyone committed to doing just a tiny bit of social good each week?

While we encourage good on every level, it is fun and empowering to look at some companies who are doing some very impressive good...and sharing it all over social media.

Where Do You Find Truly Inspirational Social Good Campaigns?

The Shorty Awards of course!  Jump over to the Shorty Social Good Awards Finalists page to see some companies and organizations who found a way to use social media for a force of Good...and not just a showcase of piano playing cats.

Don't Let This Election Season Bring You Down

Here in the US, the election can be a real bummer.  Non-stop talk about all the problems in the world and how everyone is angry at each other.

Take a break from all that negativity and jump over to the Shorty Social Good Awards.  Spend 10 minutes reading about the incredible campaigns companies are doing to help those in need and I guarantee it will warm your heart and put a smile on your face!


Dan Nessel
Dan Nessel