February 01, 2018

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You Need to Read This Interview...

To put it gently, it seems we don't live in the most harmonious times these days.  Here in the US, pick your topic to get totally stressed about...

  • Is A Nuclear War With North Korea Coming?
  • Is Climate Change Going to Destroy The Planet?
  • Will Hundreds of Thousands of Friends and Neighbors Be Deported?
  • Will The Government Just Shut Down?

Reading the newspaper, watching TV or just being on social media will leave you depressed and pretty certain that there is very little...no less, limitless good left in the world.

Don't Believe It, Take The Long View and Get Active

The truth is, if you look at a slightly longer view - say the last 20 or 30 years - it is pretty incredible what we have achieved.  I could make the argument, but I think Bill Gates and Steven Pinker do a much better job.

Stop reading this now and go read the Interview with Bill Gates and Steven Pinker.

When you move beyond the daily headlines and take a broader look at things, you really see the good in this world is Limitless!

Now, there are still plenty of problems and lots of work to be done - but let's stay encouraged and know that in the past we have solved huge problems and we can and will solve the problems in front of us!

Still here?  Go read the interview...

Feel Good, Do Good and Laugh Loud!

Dan Nessel
Dan Nessel