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New Study Finds Baobab Fruit Helps Manage Blood Sugar Levels

Fruit can sure be tasty and filled with healthy nutrients, but the one downside to fruit is that it is also normally packed with sugar.  Well, as we have said in our Baobab Fruit articles, Baobab is no normal fruit.  Not only is the Baobab Fruit low in sugar, a new study published in Nutrition Research shows that Baobab Fruit pulp can even help control blood sugars after you eat a high sugar meal.

Fiber and Polyphenols, Good News When It Comes to Blood Sugar Levels

Let me guess, the dog ate your copy of this month's Nutrition Research?  Whatever the reason, we understand that not everyone runs to the mailbox to get the latest edition of Nutrition Research, so let's fill you in on what they found -

"Functional beverages with baobab significantly reduced the glycemic response to eating white bread, with the effects linked to the fiber and polyphenol content of baobab.

In addition, adding the baobab fruit extract to white bread led to a reduction in rapidly digestible starch from white bread samples, according to findings published in Nutrition Research".
Source: Nutraingredients, 9/16/2013
Normally when you eat white bread you see a spike in blood sugar levels or what is a called the glycemic index due to the rapid break down of the starch to sugar.  These rapid spikes in blood sugar levels are not good and can do a number on your body.  If the idea is to Feel Good - you want to maintain your blood sugar levels. 

The study found that drinks made with Baobab Fruit Pulp were able to reduce the glycemic response to white bread.  In addition, by baking Baobab Fruit pulp powder into white bread, they were also able to reduce the glycemic response.

In short, Baobab Fruit was shown to counteract the negative sugar level spikes that come when eating carbohydrate rich foods like white bread.

“Baobab is rich in compounds such as high-molecular-weight tannins, which may be interfering with starch degradation,” wrote the researchers. “The polyphenols in the extract may be inhibiting digestive enzymes such as α-amylase and alpha-glucosidase, thereby preventing the breakdown of starch.
“However, the exact polyphenol composition of the baobab fruit is currently unknown, and further work is required to understand how these polyphenols may be exerting their effect.”
Source: Nutraingredients, 9/16/2013

Can I Start Binge Eating Pizzas Now? 

Sorry, but no.  As the researchers point out, more studies need to be done.  In addition, Baobab Fruit was able to slow the glycemic response, not completely stop it.  Still, given all the other health benefits of the Baobab Fruit, it is incredible to see that even more benefits are being discovered.

Time for Our Limitless Baobab Plug

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More Information:

  • Nutrition ResearchThe polyphenol-rich baobab fruit (Adansonia digitata L.) reduces starch digestion and glycemic response in humans” Authors: S.A. Coe, M. Clegg, M. Armengol, L. Ryan  September 2013
September 12, 2013

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September 06, 2013

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