About Us

Who would have thought it?  A couple of big headed cartoon characters, break free of the illicit world of comic syndication and go on to start Limitless Good.  Wow, you just can't make this stuff up, wait you can, and we just did.

It turns out it is not true that Limitless Good is run by big headed cartoon characters who never change their clothes.  Those characters were created for Limitless Good by Chris Murphy, an incredibly talented illustrator who you should totally contact for any illustration needs.   While this may seem off topic from who we are, this is exactly what Limitless Good is about.  We work with some of best and brightest people in the world to create a company that is all about Feeling Good, Doing Good and Laughing Loud (but not while drinking milk).  By the way, one of those people happens to be you...

Surprise, this isn't really an About Us page, it is an About We page!  The whole idea of Limitless Good is to work together to find good, encourage good, share good and yes, Do Good.  We will encourage, we will prod, we will be Good Facilitators or Good Enablers (note to self, change title on business card to Chief Good Enabler), but we can't do this without you.  

Come along for the journey, share your stories - let's find our Good together.  


Someone Made Us Write a Mission Statement, So Please Read It

One day while I was eating lunch a man dressed all in black and wearing dark sunglasses came up to me and handed me an envelope.  I opened it, the letter read "Write a Mission Statement".  The man then took the note, ate it and disappeared into the crowd.  All particularly strange since I was eating lunch in my kitchen.

Anyway, I was not about to go against the man in black, so we wrote this Mission Statement.  Please read it, it will tell you what we are really all about.

We Sell Some Stuff, So You Should Know This As Well...

The Mission Statement does a great job of telling you about our goals of Doing Good and making a real difference in the world.  However, since we also sell some awesome natural products like the Limitless Baobab, you should also know this about the business side of things... 

We like to joke around and have fun, but we take the matter of producing the absolute best natural products in the world very seriously.  Life is to short to cut corners and try to trick people.  We 100% stand behind anything we sell and alway encourage you to contact us if you have any concerns or questions.